Mountaineering Boot Resoles

Mountaineering Boot Resoles

Original soles from Zamberlan, Hanwag, Scarpa, La Sportiva


What is a Mountaineering Boot?

If the soles on your boots have a front and rear crampon notch they are mountaineering boots. The notch at the front of the boot tends to wear more rapidly than the rear notch. New sole units will enable the crampons to be attached firmly and securely.

Mountaineering Boot Resole Prices

New outer sole  £60.00 per pair
Replace D ring, lace hook or fabric lace loop through lining 
£9.00 first / £5.00 each additional on same boot
Replace D ring, lace hook or fabric lace loop without damaging waterproof lining 
£13.00 first / £8.00 each additional on same boot
La Sportiva Nepal Extreme Hytrel midsole (green and yellow)  £50.00 per pair
La Sportiva Nepal Extreme outer sole  £66.00 per pair
La Sportiva Trango Resole  £74.00 per pair
Resole with La Sportiva Cube mid sole (grey) + crampon notches  £50.00 per pair
La Sportiva Cube outer sole  £66.00 per pair