Running Shoe Repairs and Resoles

Running Shoe Repairs and Resoles

Choice of Sole Units

Whether you are a fell runner, trail or road runner or someone who likes to run anywhere we have a choice of sole units to suit. We are widely acknowledged as the leading running shoe repairer and fell shoe repairer stemming from previously manufacturing our own brand of fell running and trail shoes.

Original Walsh Sole Units

By kind permission we are allowed to buy original Walsh PB sole units to resole Walsh fell running shoes.


LSR 10mm Stud Fell Sole

We also have our own brand of fell/trail running sole simply called the LSR Fell Sole featuring a 10mm high conical stud. The sole can be expertly fitted to any make of running shoe. Why not convert your old road running shoes to a fell running shoe? With our expertise in running shoe repairs we can fit an LSR Fell Sole for you.


Vibram Road Soles

We also have Vibram road soles so that we can undertake running shoe repairs to all makes of road shoes. As always, our running shoe repairs use the best quality materials, latest machinery and finest quality workmanship.

Running Shoe Repairs Prices

Resole for fell shoes where the original sole is unobtainable  £40.00 per pair
Using the LSR Fell sole (10mm stud). Also suitable for converting road shoes to fell.
Walsh Fellsman sole  £62.00 per pair
Walsh PB sole  £40.00 per pair
Vibram trainer road sole  £40.00 per pair
Strip and resecure original sole  £28 per pair £15 per single sole
Vibram trail sole  £40.00 per pair
Repair worn or collapsed section of midsole  £8.00 per shoe
Can only be done in conjunction with re-soling
Resecure sections of original sole  £9.00 per shoe
Patching through lining  £12.00 per patch
Patching without damaging waterproof lining  £20.00 per patch
Stitching through lining   £9.00 per shoe
Stitching without damaging waterproof lining  £15.00 per shoe
Orthopaedic Raise up to 2cm heel  £43.00 plus resole cost if required
Extra £15 for up to 1cm of raise if heel height is over 2cm