Replacement Tent Poles, Awning and Tent Repairs


Tent Repairs
We are the only official repairer of Coleman tents and we also provide a full aftersales service for their products. Our tent repairs are carried out by staff who have over twenty years experience in both a manufacturing and tent repairing environment. That is why Coleman have chosen us as their official repair company. Of course we undertake tent repairs to any make or model.

LOOP AN ELASTIC BAND AROUND THE DAMAGED AREAIf your tent needs repairing we only need the damaged item - not the poles, groundsheet and flysheet if they are undamaged. Gather up the damaged area and loop an elastic band around to make it easier for our staff to locate the damage.

Replacement Tent Poles and Tent Pole Repairs
LSR also offer a tent pole repair and replacement tent pole service. We can either effect a tent pole repair by replacing damaged sections of poles or we can supply sections of both aluminium or fibre glass poles for you to undertake your own tent pole repair or tent pole replacement. Please send in the damaged section(s) that need replacing so that we can make an accurate match.

Awning Repairs and Awning Alterations
If you have changed your caravan and need your awning increasing or decreasing to fit the new van then LSR can help.

We undertake awning repairs and alterations here in our factory. Each awning repair or alteration is undertaken by Gill, a highly skilled machinist who has over 19 years experience making and repairing awnings for NR Awnings in Todmorden, Yorkshire.

We use only the finest quality materials for all awning repairs and awning alterations but the range of fabrics and shades is vast, therefore although we guarantee the quality of the fabric and our workmanship, we are unable to guarantee the shade.

Call 01282 439109 to discuss your awning alteration requirements.

Please make sure that the tent is dry and free from loose dirt and debris before despatching for repair. (We recently received a tent with a live frog on board!). If we have to dry out the tent it will result in a significant delay in the repair period. The adhesives used for taping will not work if the tent is wet and very dirty.

Tent Repair and Tent Pole Replacement & Repair Prices
Repair Tears
from £21.00
Sliders for 1-3 berth tent
£15.00 each
Sliders for 4 berth and up
£25.00 each
Straight zip for 1-3 berth tent
from £30.00
Straight zip for 4-5 berth tent
from £40.00
Straight zip for 6 berth and above tent
from £50.00
Curved zip for 1-3 berth tent
from £40.00
Curved zip for 4-5 berth tent
from £50.00
Curved zip for 6 berth and above tent
from £55.00
Small patch for 1-3 berth tent
from £20.00
Small patch for 4-5 berth tent
from £25.00
Small patch for 6 berth and above tent
from £35.00
Large patch for 1-3 berth tent
from £25.00
Large patch for 4-5 berth tent
from £35.00
Large patch for 6 berth and above tent
from £40.00
Eyelet replacement
£5.00 each
Stitch and re-tape 1-3 berth tent. Please note: We are unable to completely re-tape full tents (regardless of size).
from £25.00
Stitch and re-tape 4+ berth tent. Please note: We are unable to completely re-tape full tents (regardless of size).
from £35.00
Seuter Testing for 1-3 berth tent
Seuter Testing for 4 berth and above tent
Plastic windows
from £65.00
Mudwall replacements
£10.00 per metre
Eyelet replacement - small tent
£8.00 each
Eyelet replacement - 4+ berth tent
£13.00 each
Pole sleeves
from £37.00
Replace and fit sections of fibre glass tent poles

£10.00 per first section; £6.00 for each additional section

Repair alloy tent poles
£15.00 per first section; £8.00 for each additional section
Replace shock cord
from £10.00
Repair tunnel
by quotation
Prices for other repairs available on request - 01282 439109
Awning Repair Prices
Reduce awning (recommended up to 30cm)
Increase awning (recommended up to 30cm)
£20.00 each £30.00 for two
New straight zip
from £70.00
Repairs to tears
from £35.00
Please ring 01282 439109 for a quotation

If you cannot find the tent repair or awning repair you require listed here please call 01282 439109

Mail Order Postage & Packing

REPAIR ORDER FORM (PDF - NEW WINDOW)See our Order Form for current prices (PDF file - opens in new window). Please note that return postage charges are per parcel - regardless of how many items are enclosed.


Read our mail order information page before sending a parcel.

LSR can arrange for your item to be collected from your address at £13 (or £16 for large items like tents). See mail order page for full details.

Return postage cost is £8.00 for small tents and £12.00 for large tents (5 berth or above).

Contact LSR

Tel 01282 439109 Fax 01282 453377 Send Email
Lancashire Sports Repairs Ltd.
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Burnley, Lancs.
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Callers welcome Mon-Thurs 9.00-5.00pm Friday 9.00-1.00pm except Bank Holidays. Always plenty of bargain items (footwear, rucsacks etc.) available in our salesroom. Phone before making journey.

LSR is a licensed repair centre for GORE-TEX® fabrics




'I felt it was quite necessary to say thankyou for the wonderful service I have received from your company. So thankyou for a well priced, fast, and efficient service. Also, on viewing the repair (new zip sliders on tent inner) I can see that it was done with great skill. Thankyou again.' Regards David.

'I have been very impressed with this repair company (LSR); I phoned them immediately and spoke to their very friendly staff who advised me to post my pole to them just before the Easter Bank Holidays. To my surprise it was returned the following Wednesday - now that is what I call a fast efficient service!! I would not hesitate to recommend this company to Coleman UK. I have a UK coast to coast expedition planned in June and I will be grateful to you and all at Lancashire Sports Repairs as I pitch up my trusty tent at the end of a hard day!! Best regards.' Geoff O.
[cc email from Coleman UK]

'I just want to say a very big thank you (for the recent tent pole repair). I know you had some trouble because the tubes had grooves in and I want to thank everyone for their help. You've given my family the promise of many happy camping holidays. Please take a bow. I will be recommending you to everyone I know.' Best wishes, Nick.

'Thank you so much for your brilliant service - I will definitely be recommending you to anybody who needs their tent repaired in future.' Yours, very gratefully, Phip W.