Walking, Hiking, Trekking Boot Repairs, Refurbishment and Resoles

Boot Repairs, Resoles and Refurbishment

Time-served, Qualified Craftsmen

LSR have over 35 years of experience in footwear manufacture and design and over 25 years of experience carrying out walking boot repairs. Repairing walking boots is not just our profession, it is our obsession. Repairing walking boots is highly skilled work, requiring not only the latest equipment and materials but also the experience and attention to detail that comes with employing time-served, qualified craftsmen.

Official Repair Centre for many Leading Brands

LSR have been chosen by many of the leading manufacturers of climbing, hill walking and mountaineering footwear as their official repair centre. Our close relationship with these companies entitles us to purchase many original manufacturers' sole units resulting in LSR stocking the largest range of original manufacturers' sole units in Europe including Brasher, Berghaus, Karrimor, Scarpa, Meindl, Danner, Lowa, Asolo, Zamberlan, La Sportiva, Aku, Hanwag, Mammut and more. But... the huge range of soles used by these companies is too big for even us to stock.

Compatible Vibram Soles

The cost of buying original soles is high, therefore we have also sourced standard Vibram soles which are a lower cost but are compatible with most boots on the market today.

The Process

During a resole repair your boots are first fitted on to a plastic boot last so they keep their original shape, and after resoling all boots are finished by hand, inspected for quality and then given a coating of a suitable conditioning and waterproofing agent.

IMPORTANT: Clean your boots before sending them to us

Excessive grease/wax may prevent the adhesive from bonding correctly, we therefore kindly request that you remove as much as possible before sending your boots to us.

We are a licensed GORE-TEX® repair specialist for WL Gore & Associates GORE-TEX® products.


Boot Repairs Price Lists

1) Resoles

Any make/model resoled. Finished with a coating of conditioner and waterproofing agent to help keep uppers in pristine condition.

We reserve the right to fit the closest compatible sole unit from our stock range if the original is not available.
Resole using a standard Vibram outer sole  £52.00 per pair
May not be the original manufacturer's unit.
The midsole is not replaced.
Resole using the original manufacturer's (or fully compatible) outer sole/midsole unit if the original isn't in our stock range  £66.00 per pair
Most original outer soles are manufactured by Vibram so the bootmaker's name may not show on the replacement sole.
Brasher Resole using original soles  £59.00 per pair
For Country Master and Superlite II boots.
Brasher Resole using standard Vibram soles  £52.00 per pair
The midsole is not replaced.
Meindl Resole  £80.00 per pair
If original sole is not available we will fit a compatible sole unit (not Meindl) at £66 per pair.


2) Full Refurbishment

While your boots are being resoled a full refurbishment can be carried out.

For an extra £20.00 per pair you can have a full refurbishment in addition to the resole. This includes the following:

  • Replacement of up to two lace hooks or D rings (without damaging waterproof linings wherever possible)

  • Failed stitching repaired (without damaging waterproof linings wherever possible)

  • Re-secure sidewall rands

  • Re-secure midsole

  • New footbeds fitted

  • New laces fitted

  • Finally, a coating of both conditioner and waterproofing agent will be applied to help keep the uppers in pristine condition.


3) Additional Repairs

Remember: LSR repair ALL makes and models of walking, hiking and trekking boots. If your repair isn't listed on this page call us on 01282 439109

Rand Replacement  £26.00 per pair
This repair can only be undertaken whilst resoling.
Stitching through lining  £10.00 per boot
Stitching without damaging waterproof lining  £15.00 per boot
Resecure sections of original sole  £13.00 per boot
Strip and resecure original sole 
£15.00 single / £28 per pair
Patch through linings  £12.00 per patch
Patch without damaging waterproof lining  £20.00 per patch
New heel lining(s) 
£15.00 single / £22.00 per pair
Replace D-ring, lace hook or fabric lace loop through lining 
£9.00 first / £5.00 each additional on same boot
Replace D ring, lace hook or fabric lace loop without damaging waterproof lining 
£15.00 first / £8.00 each additional on same boot
Replace all metal D rings or lace hooks without damaging waterproof lining  £45.00 per pair
Orthopaedic Raise up to 2cm heel  £43.00 plus resole cost
Extra £15 for up to 1cm of raise if heel height is over 2cm.